With A Golden Staff

Library Jul 16, 2024 Hits: 710
Author: Morpheus

No Heroes, Part 4: A definition of stress

Canon: Second Generation Jul 08, 2024 Hits: 802
Author: null0trooper

No Heroes, Part 3: Memory's crooked lane

Canon: Second Generation Jul 08, 2024 Hits: 880
Author: null0trooper

The World Knows Not

Canon: Second Generation Jul 02, 2024 Hits: 3114
Author: E. E. Nalley

No Heroes, Part 2: Hard wakeup calls

Canon: Second Generation Jun 24, 2024 Hits: 1254
Author: null0trooper

Stepsiblings Fall Finals

Canon: Second Generation Jun 18, 2024 Hits: 1753
Author: MaLAguA

The Return of Redblade

Library Jun 11, 2024 Hits: 1540
Author: Morpheus

Dirty Deeds Don't Come Cheap (Part 5)

Canon: Second Generation Jun 04, 2024 Hits: 1661
Author: MaLAguA

No Heroes, Part 1: New to the neighborhood

Canon: Second Generation May 27, 2024 Hits: 2160
Author: null0trooper

A Dragon is for Life, not just for Xmas

Canon: Second Generation May 20, 2024 Hits: 2461
Author: Astrodragon

Dirty Deeds Don't Come Cheap (Part 4)

Canon: Second Generation May 14, 2024 Hits: 2052
Author: MaLAguA

Faraday 1: Caged (part 2)

Whateley Independent Fiction May 11, 2024 Hits: 1837
Author: sieri

The Infiltrator

Library May 07, 2024 Hits: 3212
Author: Morpheus

Whateley Map and Locations in Gen 1

Canon: Original Timeline Apr 30, 2024 Hits: 2590
Author: DanZilla

Ewe: On the Lamb

Canon: Original Timeline Apr 30, 2024 Hits: 3014
Author: Amethyst

ElectroCute 2: 2 Cute, 2 Furry-ous

Canon: Original Timeline Apr 22, 2024 Hits: 3364
Author: Amethyst


Stan Parker
1 year ago
Years ago there were a series of stories of Alya Goodkind. The thread was her mutation was not natural. The last story was that Alya's younger brother would be made a mutant. Was that storyline continued, and if so where the stories.
Thank you for your help and assistance.
Stan Parker
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Dan Formerly Domoviye
Dan Formerly Domoviye
1 year ago
Sorry, that story line was never completed. The author left years ago to work on their own universe and stories.
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